Taylor Guitar Serial Number Guide

Since 1974, Taylor guitars have been manufactured with 3 different serial number systems. The present dating method is straightforward and allows one to determine the precise year of production and provides supplementary details.

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Where to Find Taylor Serial Number Location?

You can find Taylor guitar serial number on the label in the sound hole of the guitar or on the inside of the neck block.

Taylor Guitar Serial Number Location
Taylor Guitar Serial Number Location

Taylor began assigning serial numbers to their guitars in 1975. Initially, it was a 5-digit numbering system. Halfway through 1977, a switch was made from a 5-digit to a 3-digit serial number.

Taylor Serial Number Database 1974-1992

Serial NumbersYear
No serial number1974
00109 and 10109 – 101461975
20147 – 203151976
20316 – 4501977
451 – 9001978
901 – 13001979
1301 – 14001980
1401 – 16701981
1671 – 19511982
1952 – 24451983
 2446 – 32061984
3207 – 38881985
3889 – 47781986
4779 – 59811987
5982 – 78311988
7832 – 100701989
10071 – 124971990
12498 – 152491991
15250 – 179471992

4-digit Taylor Serial Number 1991-1992

When the model 410 was introduced in 1991, it was given a unique serial number. The serial number has a “4-” plus 4 more digits. For example: 4-1133.

This system was only used for 2 years:
Serial numbers 0001-1121 in 1991.
Serial numbers 1122-3152 in 1992.

9-digit Taylor Serial Number 1993-1999

A nine-digit serial number was used from 1993 to the end of 1999. The production date and model were processed in this.

Example: 960522434
The first 2 digits indicate the year – 96 = 1996.
The third and fourth digits represent the month – 05 = May.
The fifth and sixth digits are the day of the month – 22 = 22th.
The seventh digit indicates the model – 4 = Big Baby.
[0 = 300 or 400 Series, 1 = 500 through Presentation Series, 2 = 200 Series, 3 = Baby or Big Baby , 4 = Big Baby, 5 = T5, 7 = through 2002, 8 = 100 Series, 9 = Solid Body Series].
The last 2 digits indicate the sequential production number for that day – 34 = 34th guitar.

Serial number 960522434 is the 34th guitar of 22 May 1996, Big Baby model.

11-digit Taylor Serial Number 2000-2009

For a 4-digit year designation, the 9-digit serial number was replaced by an 11-digit from January 2000 to October 2009.

The coding is the same as with 9 digit serial number, only not the first 2 digits but the first 4 digits do determine the year.

Example: 20080605812
The first four digits now indicate the year – 2008 = 2008.
The fifth and sixth digits represent the month – 06 = June.
The seventh and eighth digits are the day of the month – 05 = 5th.
The ninth digit indicates the model – 8 = 100 Series.
[0 = 300 or 400 Series, 1 = 500 through Presentation Series, 2 = 200 Series, 3 = Baby or Big Baby , 4 = Big Baby, 5 = T5, 7 = through 2002, 8 = 100 Series, 9 = Solid Body Series].
The last 2 digits indicate the sequential production number for that day – 12 = 12th guitar.

Serial number 20080605812 is the 12th guitar of 5 June 2008, 100 Series model.

10-digit Taylor Serial Number Since 2009

The current serial numbering format has ten digits. It was introduced in November 2009. There has gone back to a 2-digit year designation.

The location of the manufacturer is also included in this format.

Example: 1108137123
The first digit indicates the location where the guitar was produced – 1 = El Cajon, California, USA.
[1 = El Cajon, California, USA; 2 = Tecate, Baja California, Mexico].
The second and seventh digits indicate a 2-digit year – 1 and 7 = 2017.
The third and fourth digits represent the month – 08 = August.
The fifth and sixth digits represent the day of the month – 13 = 13th.
The last 3 digits indicate the sequential production number for that day – 123= 123th guitar.

Serial number 1108137123 is the 123rd guitar of 13 August 2017, made in El Cajon, California, USA.

Taylor History

Taylor Guitars is a well-known name in the music industry and has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality acoustic guitars since 1974.

The company was founded by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, who met in a repair shop for musical instruments a year earlier. Bob had extensive experience in building acoustic guitars and Kurt was looking to start his own business.

Together they became a successful partnership, with Bob as the professional and innovator in guitar making, and Kurt handling the business side of things.

The company quickly gained a reputation for producing acoustic guitars of exceptional quality, craftsmanship and sound, with innovative designs and construction techniques.

Taylor Guitars’ early success can be attributed to their unique approach to guitar making. They use modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and innovative technology, combined with traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The company is known for its high standards of quality control and its use of sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly materials. Taylor Guitars was one of the first companies to use sustainable woods like ebony and koa, and they continue to explore new ways to reduce their environmental impact while producing top-quality guitars.

The company has introduced many groundbreaking designs and technologies over the years. One of their most famous innovations is the Taylor Expression System, which uses a unique pickup design to capture the full tonal range of an acoustic guitar.

Taylor Guitars also pioneered the use of computer-controlled milling machines to produce guitar necks and bodies, which allows for greater precision and consistency in their instruments.

The company has received numerous awards over the years, including being named one of the “Best Companies to Work For” by Fortune Magazine. They have also received the Forest Stewardship Council’s Leadership Award for their efforts to promote responsible forestry practices.

Today, Taylor Guitars continues to produce some of the finest acoustic guitars in the world, with a wide range of models to suit every player’s needs and preferences. Their guitars are played by some of the world’s most renowned musicians, and the company is widely recognized as a leader in the industry.